Quick Script: Windows 10 KB5000802/KB5000808 Removal

Simple script to check for and remove the problematic KB5000802 and KB5000808 updates that are causing issues with printers like Kyocera, Ricoh, Lexmark, etc…. This will still need a reboot to take affect, but should do the trick. This could also be modified to remove the Windows server patch KB5000822 that causes the same problem. […]

Download files with Powershell and Invoke-WebRequest

While there are quite a few ways to download files with powershell, my usual go to if I’m limited to strictly powershell is Invoke-WebRequest. Here’s an example: 1 Invoke-WebRequest https://urltofile.com/file -OutFile "C:\pathtofile.bleh"Invoke-WebRequest https://urltofile.com/file -OutFile "C:\pathtofile.bleh" While not as elegant as say wget or curl, it does the trick when there are no other options besides […]