Hi! My name is Chris.

By day, I’m a systems admin for a medium size company in the Pacific Northwest.

By night, I’m a blogger, gamer, husband, dad, and all around general nerd.

I started pwshell.tech to share some of the little tidbits of powershell I’ve picked up along the way during the last few years, and give back to the powershell community I’ve drawn so much help from.

I also wanted to keep each article as short and simple as reasonably possible. In my forays around the web looking for help, my favorite blog posts and articles would dive right into the commands without much fluff. I can’t promise every post will be like that, but I will strive to always give a short scenario around why we’re using the script and get right down to business.

Powershell a passion for me, and I look forward to sharing some of the things I’ve learned over the years with you all.